Jo Bingham as Etcetera

Etcetera is a cute, excitable cream-and-brown-colored kitten, one of the foursome (Jemima, Victoria, Etcetera, and Electra), and an extremely enthusiastic Rum Tum Tugger fan – at the end of his song, she begins squealing hysterically and he has to physically quiet her, by placing his hand over his mouth or some similar action. She continues to act obsessed with the Tugger throughout the musical. In some smaller productions, the role is omitted and Rumpleteazer takes over Etcetera's hysterical squealing job – which seems appropriate somehow, since the first Broadway Etcetera also played Rumpleteazer. In the 1998 film Etcetera and Jemima are together much of the time, and are perhaps best friends. It is sometimes thought that Etcetera and Electra are related, perhaps sisters.


Etcetera is portrayed by Jo Bingham in the 1998 film.