A pirate cat, acted by Gus the Theatre Cat who is reminiscing about his younger days in the theatre ("And I once played Growltiger... could do it again!"). "Growltiger's Last Stand" is about Growltiger courting the Lady Griddlebone and then fighting and being forced to walk the plank by the Siamese cats. In some productions, Growltiger is a vicious pirate, in others he is more of a parody of a pirate. He does not appear in productions which omit "Growltiger's Last Stand," including the 1998 film.


Growltiger was portrayed by Stephen Tate in the original London production, and by Stephen Hanan in the original Broadway production. Tony Timberlake was due to play him in the 1998 film, but the song was cut partly due to film length restrictions and partly due to Sir John Mills' filming overrunning.

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