Phyllida Crowley Smith as Victoria

Victoria is a pure white, very flexible kitten, one of the foursome (Jemima, Victoria, Etcetera, and Electra). It is thought that she is the oldest of the four kittens. Victoria dances a solo at the beginning of the musical, right after the Prologue and "The Naming Of Cats." She appears to be very close with Mistoffelees, and most people believe them to be either siblings or mates. Victoria dances a pas de deux with Plato during the Jellicle Ball. Victoria is also instrumental to Grizabella's acceptance, as she is the first to touch her kindly after the final verse of "Memory."


Portrayed by:

  • Phyllida Crowley Smith in the 1998 film.
  • Sandra Kater in the New London Theatre.
  • Joyce Chittick in the North American tour.
  • Sara M. Reardon from 2007-2008.
  • Sarah Bumgarner in the current Worldwide Tour.

Note: Joyce Chittick volunteered with Stephen Bertles as Plato inside the Washoe County Medical Center in Nevada.